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EDISON Patent Attorneys Ltd ISRAEL, provides registration services of patents, trademarks and Industrial designs in Israel, USA and worldwide. The firm office is situated in the Science Park of Rehovot / Nes Ziona, Israel, one of the high-tech cores of ISRAEL.
Office specializations include software and smartphone applications, computer technology, telecommunications, optical engineering, indoor inventions, biotechnology, mechanical engineering, genetic engineering, weaponry, and more.    

Our professionals include experienced Israeli and US licensed patent attorneys and lawyers.

The firm has been founded in 2007 by Eng. and patent attorney Reuben Berman.  
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Reuben Berman

Patent Attorney

Eng. and patent attorney Reuben Berman is the founder of the firm. His professional experience includes with 15 years of practice.

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Gitit Ayasov


Adv. Gitit Ayasov is the office manager. She coordinates the office activities, including the financial activities and the contact with the firm's customers and associates.

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Edward Langer

Advocate and patent attorney

Israeli and US Advocate and patent attorney Edward Langer manages our US files.

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Galit Pevzner-Weiss

Patent attorney

Patent attorney Galit Pevzner-Weiss handles our biology-related files.

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Drafting and registration of patents in Israel, USA and worldwide

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Registration of trademarks in Israel, US and worldwide

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Registration of indeistrial designs in Israel, US and worldwide

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  • Residence: Golda Me'ir Street 3, Ness Ziona, Israel; Mailing address: P.O.Box 4091, Nes Ziona 7414002, ISRAEL


A Brief Overview on the Israeli Patent Practice

Israel’s legal system, particularly comprising Intellectual Property laws, has an excellent reputation. Israel is also a member of most major international conventions of Intellectual Property, such as the Paris Convention and the PCT Convention, implementing into the law most standards outlined in these conventions. A partial list of the conventions and treaties of which Israel is a member is cited at the end of this article.

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A Brief Overview on the Israeli Design Practice

The law relating to design registrations is the utility patent and design registration ordinance. In 1967 the patent law was legislated, which annulled all of the clauses relating to utility patents that were in the utility patent and design patent ordinance, but this ordinance remained in force for everything relating to design registrations. In addition, there is a regulation from 1940 that is concerned with procedures, etc. Similarly, paragraph 22 of the 1911 copyright law and paragraph 7 of the 2007 copyright law relate to design registrations.

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A Brief Overview on Trademark Registration in Israel

Filing a trademark application is carried out at the Trademark department of the Israeli Patent Authority in Jerusalem. After the filing, the application is examined for formal correctness. Assuming no formal defects found, the application enters into the examination queue, which currently takes about 15 months.

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Patenting software inventions in Israel

There are two approaches to granting software patents. According to one, software patents should be allowed, while according to the other, software patents should be forbidden. The reason that opponents to granting software patents raise is that software, including flowcharts, consist of series of mental steps. And since it is inconceivable to limit freedom of thought, they are opposed to granting software patents.

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Why starting a patenting process in Israel

Recently the Israeli patent office (ILPO) has been appointed as an international examination and searching authority of the PCT, like the USPTO and the EPO. This act points on the quality of the search and examination carried out by of the Israeli Patent Office.

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Israeli Patent Law

Unofficial translation by WIPO of the Israeli Patent Law

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ISRAEL - The startup nation

Some interesting facts about technological developments in Israel

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Some innovations made in Israel

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