Patentability assessment

Patentability assessment is the most basic search as the most basic interest of inventors is make sure their invention is novel. One of the tests for obtaining a patent is the novelty test, meaning whether the inventor was the first to invent the invention. The search does not necessarily carry out for patents only, but any published material, in any language.

In addition, we must not forget that the invention being new is not enough to qualify for patent. A patentable invention must also have "inventive progress", that is, it has that inventive spark that distinguishes the invention from an "artisan's" innovation.

A freedom to operate

Any product may infringe patents. Knowing which patents exist in the field usually makes it possible to design a product so that it does not conflict with these patents.

Another option is to increase the company's patent portfolio, either by submitting new patent applications or by purchasing existing patents, so that a "horror balance" is created between the company's patent portfolio and the patent portfolio of its competitors.

Search for patent revocation purposes

A company may be sued for infringing another company's patents. In this case, the defendant company has several choices, one of which is to try to cancel the patent in question. The best way to invalidate a patent is to show that the invention was not novel on the day the patent application was filed for it, or that at least that inventive spark was absent.

Identifying potential infringers

Locating potential infringers is an important step, as it is possible to alert those who may find interest in an invention subject to a patent that was received even before the potential infringer has actually committed the infringement. No one is eager for conflict with the others, so such a warning may prevent such a conflict.

Tracking the patents of competitors

Through this search, you can know the direction of your competitors' development, what products they are developing, etc.

Tracking the patents in a certain field

A patent costs less when it is in the examination phase. Once the patent is granted, its value will surely increase. A company that invests in locating patent applications while still in the examination phase, may find "reality" and at an affordable price for everyone.