Infringement of intellectual property means unauthorized use of intellectual property. Intellectual property can be registered, such as a patent, trademark, industrial design, or protected by law without having to register it in advance, such as a work of art and software. In the case of an infringement of intellectual property, the owner of the intellectual property has the option of claiming compensation from the infringer, as well as requesting from the court a restraining order to stop the use of that intellectual property by an unlicensed person. According to the Israeli law, such matters are clarified in court and / or with the Registrar of Patents, trademarks and designs, depending on the case.

We can assist you with the following:  

  • Counseling and representation of the client in intellectual property matters, including patents, trademarks and designs
  • Counseling and representing the client in infringing of intellectual property matters
  • Consultiung and representation of the client in matters of opposition to the granting of a patent