A patent is the exclusive rights granted by a state to a person for a time period to utilize its own invention. The invention may be an apparatus as well as a process. A patent may be granted to an applicant for an invention which is novel, non-obvious, useful, and has industrial applicability.

Not all inventions are eligible for patent protection. For example, mathematical formulas and methods for medical treatment of human beings are ineligible for patenting in Israel.

In Israel a patent may be kept in force up to 20 years from its filing date. During the time a patent is in force the patentee has the exclusive right to utilize (use, manufacture, sell, offer for sale and import) the patented invention. Unauthorized use by third parties may infringe the patent. When an infringement occurs, the patentee can institute court proceedings to stop infringement and sue the infringer for damages and compensation.

  • We can assist you with the following:
  • Pre-registration search and advice
  • Drafting of specifications and patent illustrations (application for patent)
  • Preparation, filing and prosecution applications for patent in Israel and USA
  • Preparation, filing and prosecution of PCT applications
  • Preparation, filing and prosecution of foreign applications for patent (In cooperation with our associates)
  • Renewals of granted patents
    Infringement avoidance and consulting